191218 AMOS - Tower Simulator-88

Introducing AMOS

A Day in Vienna

This video was captured using only in-engine footage.
This is a showcase of the flexibility and adaptability of our simulator, it shows how the different vehicles such as aircraft, helicopters or even fire trucks interact and move around, and also demonstrates the powerful lighting and weather engine that is included.

AMOS serves as the backbone of the AIR Suite, providing the visuals and an immersive experience, only enhanced by the other software solutions.

Almost any situation can be recreated and simulated, the possiblities are virtually endless and yours to discover.

Built-in Editors

AMOS lets the user customize and design essentially anything, by use of the powerful Built-in Editors, such as:

  • Building & element texturing
  • Aircraft & vehicle texturing
  • Airport layout (position buildings, elements, taxiways,
    runways, parking positions, lighting)
  • Exercise Editor for traffic preparation
  • Times-of-day & visibility

ROSE also offers training programmes for customers, so that any customization, or even adding new data, can be done locally.

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Aircraft and Vehicle Types

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AMOS comes including an ever growing list of available aircraft and vehicles.
This list consists of:

  • Transport Aircraft
  • Civil Aircraft
  • Military Aircraft
  • Private Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Pushback Trucks
This list may be expanded through the various editors and by importing new data.

Available Aerodromes

All Aerodromes currently available are:

    • Vienna
    • Kunovice
    • Bremen
    • Frankfurt
    • Hamburg
    • Geneva
    • Airosar (fictional training airport)
    • Daytona Beach
    • Valdosta
    • KAAC

Any other Airport can be created within the span of 1-3 weeks depending on the level of detail requested by the customer.

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The Debriefilator

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The Debriefilator is at the heart of every coaching and debriefing session. It is extremely flexible and powerful, offering you the option to rewind time within the simulation and reevaluate any situation thorougly. This makes for a very intuitive learning environment, that any trainee and coach will be able to enjoy.

Anyone using with ROSE will already be familiar with most of the options and features this brings.

General Feature Overview

              • Real-time tower simulation
              • Free scalability
              • Full integration with other ROSE Software Solutions
              • Varied options for Exercise Design
              • Realistic and intuitive piloting
              • Flexible and innovative debriefing & coaching options thanks to the Debriefilator
              • Extensive customization through integrated editors and import formats
              • Vast array of different Aircraft, Vehicles and Aerodromes
              • High-End Graphics
              • Easy to meet hardware requirements

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