About us

ROSE Simulation provides cutting-edge technology and customized solutions for air traffic control (ATC) training environments.

Founded by two experts in the field of air traffic control, academy training and software development, we are predestined to address the true ATC training demands of air navigation service providers, airports and universities.

ROSE Simulation is the Creator of the AIR Suite, a fully-integrated set of ATC training solutions, composed of the AMOS Tower Simulator, the IRIS VoiceCom System and the ROSE Radar Simulator.

Furthermore, we design, implement and manage customized turnkey setups for the entire ATC training infrastructure, including 360° 3D Visual Tower displays, IT systems and consoles for tower and pilot working positions.

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Klaus Fischer and Wolfgang Bretl develop the idea of a radar simulator for classroom teaching.


The ROSE Radar Simulator is introduced as a classroom tool.


DFS Germany and Eurocontrol Luxembourg first implement ROSE as a basic radar simulator.


Formation of ATC Sim Fischer.

Wolfgang Bretl changes role, becoming an inactive partner.

Over the years, ROSE is installed by ATC companies worldwide while the initial tool further evolves into a full-featured simulator.


David Fischer joins the company as software engineer.

Start of development of the AMOS Tower Simulator.


Establishment of the partnership with SkySoft-ATM, provider of the Swiss operational ATM system. Release of the SkySim product suite, incorporating ROSE and AMOS as a traffic generation and exercise creation module.


Austro Control first implements the AMOS Tower Simulator, having contributed to its development with the expertise of their academy trainers.

Launch of the IRIS VoiceCom System as a standalone module, making it deployable with any simulation tool.

Birth of the AIR Suite, a set of ATC training solutions composed of the AMOS Tower Simulator, the IRIS VoiceCom System and the ROSE Radar Simulator.


Formation of ROSE Simulation GmbH.

DFS commissions ROSE Simulation to develop the ELSA Electronic Flight Strip Application as a flexible system to replace paper strips.