Independent Radio & Intercom System

IRIS is an independent voice communication system running on VoIP technology, which can be used in numerous contexts and environments.This smart solution does not require expensive hardware and works with any common USB headset or microphone.

Radio Com

Each IRIS station has the ability to separately define and lock hundreds of different frequencies and communicate to all on those frequencies via push-to-talk.


Message queue, hold line feature and different call priorities are just a few examples demonstrating IRIS’ powerful telephone features. The multi-role concept enables a single user to act in different functions from one position, e.g. as supervisor, fire brigade or airport authority, and allows the definition of hundreds of different telephone roles.

Layout Editor

IRIS is designed to work on a Touch Input Device as well as a desktop app. The configuration of the layout is completely customizable. The user has numerous possibilities to design the size of the application as well as the position and display of each individual layout element.

IRIS can be used in combination with ROSE and/or AMOS. Being an independent VoiceCom module, IRIS can also be used as a communication system for any other application or even stand-alone.

Facts and Figures

Unique General Call functionality enables communication on a meta level.

Adjustable Transmission Quality
  • bit rate
  • sample rate

Depending on the network bandwidth this might be a helpful option.

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Connectable stations: more than 60,000

    IRIS Info Brochure (1.600 KB)