ROSE Simulation – Creator of the AIR Suite

The AIR Suite is a fully-integrated set of ATC training solutions, composed of the AMOS Tower Simulator, the IRIS VoiceCom System and the ROSE Radar Simulator.

All three products are operational

  • in any combination with each other, due to a modular programming based on one source, one standard, and full compatibility
  • as independent applications, either adding to existing training products or working as stand-alone solutions

The AIR Suite enables simultaneous Tower and Radar training in which traffic is handed over seamlessly between the ROSE and AMOS Simulators.

The Simulator and VoiceCom solutions can be complemented by the ELSA Electronic Flight Strip application.

Discover a new ATC training experience
with the high-performing, fast-installed
and easy-to-use AIR Suite solutions
powered by ROSE Simulation.

    AIR Suite Info Brochure (2.600 KB)

ROSE Simulation will optionally design, implement and manage customized turnkey setups for the entire ATC training infrastructure, including 360° 3D visual displays, IT systems and consoles for working positions.