Press Release / 08.04.2020

ATC-simulation shutdown.

A threat that hit many training centers with the growing global virus crisis.

Many simulation centers have stopped operation for weeks already.
Practical training has almost dropped to zero. Courses had to be cancelled.
Not only has the progress of the trainees become frozen, at the same time the gained experience starts to fade as time goes by without exercising.

The worldwide increase in demand for ATC-training has been an issue throughout the last three years already. Now we also face the challenge of being locked out from our training centers.

How about watching videos of ATC-exercises?
Is TeamViewer, Skype or Citrix a valuable alternative?
We believe that watching soccer on a TV does not really make you a better player – so:

Providing a view into the sim-center does not really generate a valuable substitute.

ROSE Simulation has developed a solution to cover the prevailing need for a real global simulator training. What you need is simply a Windows computer and a headset.

Our PORT solution puts you into an active simulation within 10 minutes.

It is not a limited view into the sim-center, we actually turn your computer into a sim-center. Our high-performance systems are able to run on your notebook.

We do not depend on expensive hardware elsewhere, but use the power of your own computer in a stunning economic way.

Download our “Public Online Rose Training” package and become part of a global simulation net. No matter where you are – as long as you connect yourself to our PORT server, you will experience radar training and voice com systems together with simulation pilots, trainers and ATC-trainees worldwide, just as you are used to in your training facility.

During the last two weeks we have successfully tested PORT with our partners from Austrocontrol, Skyguide, SkySoft-ATM, CANI, GAL ANS and INGENAV, who’s staff at that time was working in home offices. The stunning results provided proof of the idea.

PORT including ROSE radar simulator and IRIS voice com system is online.
Your personal sim-center is available for download.

We are ready for remote simulation, how about you?

For more details or a demonstration/trial period, get into contact with us.

Sim you soon,

your ROSE Team