Airport Movement Simulator

The AMOS 3D Tower Simulator is a completely scalable solution and therefore suitable for various use cases:

  • High-end graphic & performance in a full-scale simulator
  • Full-featured enrichment for basic training, running on any standard computer

The simulator covers it all – realistic aircraft movement on the ground, during take-off and landing.

AMOS is delivered with a variety of aircraft types & paintings, including helicopters, drones, gliders and military aircraft.

Push-back and tow procedures are simulated just as naturally as any other complex movement on the aerodrome.

The built-in editors enable a flexible and fast design of airports and exercises. Runways, taxiways, buildings and lighting can be added and modified in a short time.

Exercise designers will appreciate the innovative and easy approach
to generate, position and prepare traffic along with their training ideas.

The intuitive piloting interface allows a flexible handling
of all kinds of traffic.

Launch AMOS, connect any number of workstations and start discovering Tower Simulation at its finest!

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Facts and Figures

Built-in Editors
  • Building & element texturing
  • Aircraft & vehicle texturing
  • Airport layout (position buildings, elements, taxiways,
    runways, parking positions, lighting)
  • Exercise Editor for traffic preparation
  • Times-of-day & visibility

More than 70 aircraft types including different paintings for each type

Import Formats
  • *.3ds for elements
  • *.bmp/*.jpg/*.png for texturing

3D engine: Open GL

Flexible Role Concept

PILOT & ATCO interfaces and SUPERVISOR positions (for exercise hosting)

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • a graphics card is recommendable