Electronic Strip Application

ELSA is an electronic flight strip application designed for use on a Pen Input Device with full compatibility to any paper strip setup. It enriches simulation environments with options for training sequence planning and situational awareness with the look & feel and handling practice of paper strips.

The tool takes paper strip usage to a whole new level. On the PID, flight strips become easy to reproduce and to import, whilst writing, flagging and sorting maintain their familiar handling. ELSA depicts all these activities very realistically.

ELSA can replace any existing paper strip system. New strip formats are generated in no time with the Strip Type Editor, which is an integral part of the ELSA application.

Likewise, the Strip Bay Editor provides up to 10 different strip bays per working position, e.g. for departure, arrival, overflight or for any customer-specific bay function.

When using ELSA within a simulation training, all strip information is filled in by importing exercise data from the ROSE or AMOS simulators. They support the export of simulation strips content with a single click from any prepared scenarios.

Facts and Figures

Import format

CSV files, exported from any scenario prepared in ROSE and AMOS or any other simulator supporting open formats.

System information
  • ELSA can be configured to load customized bay layouts on start-up.
  • Operating system: Windows7 or higher

    ELSA Info Brochure (1.400 KB)